Rest In Paradise...

August 20, 2009
By Nayla SILVER, Pittsburg, California
Nayla SILVER, Pittsburg, California
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The Longest Journey Began With A Single Step ...

It's like I just saw you.
Now your far away.
Hearing that your gone,
Does not make me feel okay.
I shed a couple tears.
This built up some fears.
And still my ears, are'nt used to seeing R.I.P. in front of your name.
How are the people you left behind suppose to feel?
How long will it take for all of our wounds to heal?
It definitely won't be the same.
The halls we walk upon everyday are surely going to change.
Who's next came to mind,when I first heard the news.
Surprises aren't my favorite, and in a guessing game I'd loose.
Where you are,is for better than where I'm at.
Whatever I may have said or did I do take back.
So Rest In Paradise boo, and don't fret about what we here on earth are up to.
Hopefully someday I can walk the streets of gold and stare at the skies of blue up there in heaven with you.

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to all those who lost someone very special to them....

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