And I Still Love Her:)

August 20, 2009
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We said that we'd always be together,
Like interlinked chains,
I hope we don't grow apart,
Like two different trains,
It was just you and me,
In a world of our own,
Sure there were other people
in our life, but it seemed like we're the only ones in town,
How can I describe this? It is so hard,
To say that weren't going to be together forever,
One say we will meet and think,
Weren't we best friends forever and ever?
Sigh, the good times we've had,
The Chunky, The Book, just too name a few,
We were little telepathic twins all the time,
And most of the time we would even swap shoes!
The teachers would so commonly mistaken us,
Remember the 'sweaty old lady' joke we had?
These memories shall be always be cherished,
And I'll never think that any of them as bad,
I love you like hell although I've never been there,
Yet I know that even if I went to hell and got my heart burnt to ash, I would still remember you; your eyes; your smile; your hair

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