Her Hair MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Her hairHer hairwas likean oceanwith curlsand curls andwaves.There were red streaks, in her long brown hair;her eyes were emeralds, herskin a golden bronze.She is my best friend.I would do anything to have her hair -the way it fellAgainst her shoulder,Like a golden maple frame around a beautiful picture."What's chemo?" I askedas Mom pulled me aside.I hope she doesn't die.I hope she can still have her hair.But; she can't, and it fell outShe had Hodgkins diseaseAnd she lost her hair.Seeing her in the hospitalwith clearly painful tubes tied to her chestwith massive grey machines attached to her -without her hair.It was hard to look.To see her hurting so badly,made me hurt too,So I cut my hair.by Ashley Nestor, New City, NY

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