I Don't Need You

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

That smug little smirk
Your strong gentle hands
That mischievous glint that you get in your eyes
Before you touch me softly
That witty humour that keeps me giggling long after the joke is funny
Those beautiful green eyes that I could stare in for hours
That stroke so tender that lingers for days
Your soft lips that keep me begging for more

But I don't need you.

Your personality? So charming
It could bring any girl to her knees
But not me, I don’t need you.
Those shivers I feel when I stare deeply in your eyes
They mean nothing.
Hormones that’s all.
That electricity that is felt when we touch?
I bet you don’t feel it too.
Do you dream about me at night
Like I do about you?

I swear I don’t need you.

We both know it’s true
If I did we would be together
And we’re not and I know it doesn’t hurt me.

Because I won’t let it.

How peaceful you look when you sleep
The sound of our breath in sync
Our beating hearts pounding in a nervous dance

I’m starting to break.

The way our bodies fit together
Like two puzzle pieces that were meant to be
The way you can make me moan just by looking at me
Just one look.
I'm not ready to admit it.

Not yet.

I know how you are when you are in control
Toying with my feelings as if you don't care
Making me wonder if there is something between us
Or if I’m just fooling myself

I can’t love you.

I’m afraid of the pain that comes with lust
The pain that comes with companionship
When we’re together the world seems okay
Everything’s perfect
You’d never hurt me right?

Okay, I'm ready.
I'll move past my pride
I desperately need you
And I'll wait patiently
Until the one day you need me too.

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