who can save his soul

May 11, 2009
By Demi Cassanos BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
Demi Cassanos BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
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His words
Their words
Blocked out
Blocked OUT

Each phrase
Each pleade
Silenced in the midst

No stopping now
No use snapping him out of it
The timer in his brain went off,
It was only a matter of time.

Tuned out
Crazed in
Blocked out
Small grin
Blank stare and wide eyes
Growing grin, so satisfied

who knows what they said to him.
if only we could find those invisible souls and stop them from ruling his life.
the miserable, invisible souls that visited him the first time bullets took his best friend.
never before has he seen death,
the shock lasted a lifetime,
scarred him forever,
did it’s damage and became lost in the loud bombs.
everyday becoming worse,
staring off into space,
small voices telling him what to do,
each day they gain more power becoming louder,
overlapping the horrible sounds everyone heard except him

what turned him on,
made him mad?
What triggered his gun was never his thumb, it was the pains in his head that did.

They say it’s stress, the diagnosis for most like him
But how will they ever know the true feeling of terror and panic,
Some say it hurts more than a shot in the heart.

blank is physical,
Craze is mental,
And horror is emotional
All causing him to lose it
Causing him to act on the moment
Causing him to lose the relationships built and the love traded
Causing him to forget his side
Causing him to become insane
Causing him to take lives so precious to him, he doesn’t realize in the moment
The blank stare gives them warning, they expect the worse and get it.
They knew it was coming, this place makes everyone wild and foolish.
In the end, only the stable will survive what hasn’t killed them already.

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