May 11, 2009
By Anonymous

His warm vulnerable body resting humble near me,
Evening scent surrounds his glistened skin,
His even breath of air recharges my desire for him,
The essence of him, with his voluptuous golden hair,
Makes me examine myself in a way I thought was not possible,
His salient eyes gazed at me with such an intensity,
How he looked so ardent towards me, yet controlled,
Was inexcusably astonishing yet terrifying

Each still touch that he blossomed me upon,
Made me quiver without hesitation,
So this was love?

My hands are trembling, and my breathing becomes rapid,
I feel him looking at me, even as I’m gazing at the precious moon behind him,
I can feel myself loosing focus and drifting into his scent,
His serene movement casts me into a glorious haze of love,
I close my eyes, because I know it can only be a dream,
And when I awaken, I will have him to myself in my dreams,
So I can keep him for myself.

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