I Remember...

May 2, 2009
I remember the lightning coming down in thin bed sheets of blue and lavender,
As I lay in my bed gazing out the window,
I remember the long summer days down at the river,
swimming in the col refreshing water,
I remember the yelling seaping through the crack in the door,
As i sat at my desk doing my homework,
I remember the smell of fresh chocolaty brownies filling the air,
As they were pulled from the hot oven,
I remember the Absence of my dad,
Both physically and emotionally,
Due to his devotion to work,
I remember the alcohol on his breath,
As i gave him a kiss goodnight at the end of each day,
But mostly I remembered the day I left,
Without even a goodbye,
As he kicked me out,
I remember the first few months,
Without even a phone call,
That soon turned to years,
I remember the aching inside,
As he drifted farther out of my life,
I remember the tears streming down my I remember the things he said when I didn't do my best,
I remember only what i've over come,
Over passed,
Or tried to forget over the past two years,
That's what i remember.

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