Be Ohkay,

August 12, 2009
Twisting, contorting, cracking
my heart is torn in two
not knowing which way to go.
Stay in this place
where I feel at home
with the one true love
who is always there
to catch me when I fall.
And with friends
who are sometimes true
but also, often,
left out...of everything.
In a world
where disaster hit
and everything changed
and it continues
to affect every step I take.
To leave and go back
to a place of new opportunities
new people, to embrace my life
with new friends
who are always there,
but also facing enimies
who now mean nothing;
certain things can't be forgiven
no matter how hard they try.
Torn; not knowing what to do.
Heart being split in two,
bittersweet feeling about what to do.
Life; will never go my way
and I will never be ohkay.

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