The True Frozen Frontier

August 12, 2009
By Samim21 SILVER, Middleton, Massachusetts
Samim21 SILVER, Middleton, Massachusetts
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It’s life on the edge
The true frozen frontier
At a glance, it’s a wasteland
A closer look reveals life

Glaciers loom above the ice
Like frozen giants
Rising above flurries of snow
Creeping slowly across the waters
I wonder where they’re going

Lone polar bears stalk the ice
Searching for prey
A gentle seal
Surfacing for air
Never to dive again

Something graceful and white
Gliding through the dark waters
Like a phantom of the sea
Breaking through the waves
Peaceful belugas

Darkness closes in
For the long winter months
Seeming to last forever
No sun bursts through the clouds
Where is the light?

But time passes here
Just like everywhere else
And the sun comes again
Shattering the darkness
To bring forth summer’s light

Yet, though the sun shines brightly
On this glistening world
I fear a new darkness
Lies in wait for this place
Where the sun cannot reach it

Because of this darkness
All the ice will melt
Water will rush out to sea
Until Antarctica is gone
Along with its life

But we can do something,
To save garden of ice
Let us find a solution
Or lose Antarctica to the darkness
What do you choose?

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