Beautiful Disaster

April 19, 2009
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The definition of Beauty walked down the street
Eyes wide, bright smile, Natural Hair
Walking home from a pleasurable bright day
Head held high, chin up
Passionately thinking about Life itself
Today something was strange
As if the sun hid his face behinds the clouds on purpose
She walks gracefully onwards despite it
In the corner of darkness…
She was spotted out
In the eyes of the wrong beholder
She turns the corner, He turns the corner
A usual shortcut become an unusual mind cut
She doesn’t know what’s to come
But he does
Slowly approaches her with a smile of deceit
Her smile is the opposite
He corners her…No escaping
She tries to scream…
Words are depleted from her vocabulary
Fights as he kills her rose
Bit by bit removing the petals that once graced her
Her temple being violated and destroyed
Beauty No!
More like ugly, grimy, and used
She screams
Only to hear the dreadful noise of the wrong beholder
Looks to the skies for hope
Same bashful sun
Her wide eyes became low and dim
Her bright smile became none
Her natural hair in disarray
The walk home is slow and painful
Head held down. Shoulders limp
Self-esteem ripped away
The thing is this once beautiful girl
Is a walking disaster
And she was only 12…

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SweetXxXTart18 said...
Aug. 14, 2009 at 2:57 am
Oh my gosh! That is so sad!! Its a beautiful poem tho great work! Im very very very sorry for that girl!!!!!
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