Dead End

April 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Somehow I got into a fight,
First with my fist, but then a knife,
First at school, then at night,
First made a bruise then took a life,

Somehow my dreams all fell apart,
My life went off my perfect chart,
I forgot about my beating heart,
I still can’t find where this had to start,

Somehow I learned how not to cry,
To smile when I had to die,
To never let emotions pry,
To stop god from watching in the sky,

Somewhere I learned to forget trust,
To let love rot and collect dust.
Even when I want to, I know I must,
Do for myself, even though its unjust,

Somehow my life received defeat,
I let my will slowly retreat,
Let it lose everything that made it complete,
Let it roll downhill to a dead-end street.

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