Alone in a Coffin

August 11, 2009
By WhiteRain SILVER, Holden, Missouri
WhiteRain SILVER, Holden, Missouri
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all alone in the world
the breeze howls
no one to care for
no one who cares
all alone in a coffin
caged in darkness
and misery
lost without hope
under the pressure
no light shines
in the thickening fog
the roots enclose
on my prison and
darkness is my lullaby
my yearning, and my pleasure
to hide and not be seen
better than
to be rejected in the world
of light
alone in a coffin
my friends are the fiends
dressed in rags torn to strings
high pitched wails and screams
are my everyday conversations
alone in a coffin
the rats run free
in shackles of lava
burning the flesh
the light is gone
the boards are too tight
they hold back the light
they hold back the pressure
so I lay here relieved
of the stresses of the burdens
but alone in a coffin
a prison cell damp
I am lonely and scared
no hand to hold

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