August 10, 2009
By gabb[eh!] SILVER, St-Joachim, Other
gabb[eh!] SILVER, St-Joachim, Other
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On a calm summer night,
by the light of the towering moon,
the wind picking up,
brought together

In the glistening of the pond,
breaking at ease the waves,
a silvery film of water,
brought together, in the fog, a blurry haze.

The flowing knots of darkened wood,
slowly making their way,
Embracing the silence ever so carfully
brought together, hearts warming as we sway.

Approaching closer and closer,
our ends coming together,
in the silence and the light,
reflexions on the water

Brought together ,
in this pond of similarities,
uncertainty holding breaths,
seeing in te slivery liquid glass bellow,
the futur advancing so fast.
But in this place, on the water,
safety is grasped, and hearts are enlightened.

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