my biggest enemy

August 11, 2009
By RridLeR GOLD, Co.wicklow, Other
RridLeR GOLD, Co.wicklow, Other
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"we are here only for eachother,therefore,only for ourselves,selflessly selfish we lie."

i strive for perfection, the glass shows not of
this person i want to be,aim to be, intend to be
i dare not show it, im eating my own insides
my enemy: reflection
im like the kid who threw away the ritalin
i wont take your advice till im well again
i dont need you to predict im going down the wrong path
this i know, or used to know, i cant think straight with the emptiness
your empathy is useless here ,for what?
anyway,you dont know or understand
walk half a mile down the road and you'll throw my shoes away
my enemy:you
im squeezing my own lungs to death, but i cant stop to take a breath
i dont want to.. or i do.. but wont allow it
i pick myself back up again just to push myself down further
my biggest enemy: myself

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