He Will Raise The Dead Again

August 3, 2009
He will raise the dead again
He might give me a fright
But I stay there all day
And every single night...

He had faith in us
And we have faith in him
We helped him move on
With our every limb...

We always cared for eachother
As he cared for us
We miss him dearly
As he surley misses us...

We barely get by
We miss him so much
She refused to live without him
So we reached the end without

We cried we mourned
Over my fathers death
We now remember him
With the sadness of our breath...

We wish he was still here
With us to have a good time
But something is wrong
We don't have enough time...

She cried she drank
To wash away the pain
Nothing worked anyday
She wanted to be drained...

She always said this is it
But I helped her get through it
There were times she helped me
We helped each other get through
it bit by bit...

We got through it together
With our every thought.

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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 16, 2009 at 6:02 pm
wow. this is really deep and i can feel the emotion when i read it. i cried when i read about the reason it was written. but none the less it is a great poem :) very very good, so please keep writing.
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