To Be Free

August 3, 2009
By robertomano24 SILVER, Franklin, Ohio
robertomano24 SILVER, Franklin, Ohio
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She misses the days
When the world was in her hands
Everyone, every song, everything was solid and strong
And then it happened
She lost her grip
She let the whole world slip

Her and her sorrows
Her and her shame
No matter what
It's all the same
The tide has turned
The sun has set
It turned out to be
Another empty net

She saw the mountain shaking
A summer love
And the art of breaking
They each pretended to do their part
A singer, a dancer, and a narrarator
They found a desert, and a broken heart

Her and her sorrows
Her and her shame
Why can't she breath
Why can't she leave
The waves are crashing
The moon is rising
The reflections have become
All that was, and is, and will be
Of her forgotten struggle, to become free

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