August 3, 2009
By Caley Scheppegrell BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Caley Scheppegrell BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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what is music?

music is when the beat
of the pounding drum
lodges in your chest
and throbs until you’re not sure
which beat is the drum
and which is your beating heart.

music is when the guitar
is playing your soul
and every feeling
you’ve ever had
dances under skilled fingertips
with the strings.

music is when the singer
shapes your thoughts -
your secret thoughts
you never had the words
to voice –
shapes them and sets them free.

music is when you move
to a song – to a sound –
that’s more than a song
that’s more than a sound.

music is when you don’t know
what you’re doing or why
you just dance and know
that whatever you’re doing
it feels exactly right.

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