I Can

August 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I can sit back and say job well done. When there's so many missions unfinished.

I can say im feeling fine,When there's so much pain I'm hiding inside.

I can tell myself i got everything figured out, When really I'm still clueless,shocked or maybe in doubt

I can say lesson very well learned and finally I'm out the rain, When really I'm stuck in the storm trying to find my way

No more tears I can tell myself, But really I'm a emotional wreck and my emotions are taking a control on me

Smiling,Laughing.Joking "Yes everything's fine" Really ? No I'm just the opposite of that.

It's funny how you never really can see your own self even when you look at your own reflection in the mirror..But you can always detect another person's flaws

To fall in love is it really a great thing ?..Yes for the spare of the moment until mischeif befalls in the middle of it all

Embracing someone you really love and vowing things true, but really can you say forever is what you want to endeavor when you find someone new,someone just like you ?

Friends are what you go to for support and direction, but sometimes questioning yourself is the best person you can ask.

So can I say Yes i completely understand the things i undergo ?

No because I don't even know "ME" well enough to graduate to "YOU".

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