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August 2, 2009
It's pure ludicrousy -me having to explain everything I'm saying. Ludicrous; definition: laughable, ridiculous, absurd. Anything anyody else says is limpid,(transparent) but when I speak I tell tales of solidarism with words which use it themselves. In this day and age our cultures taking a thrashing, taking a beating, and we're just standing by. We've destryed eachother for treasure troves and myths of elderodo. Great people say great things that are misunderstood. It's undeniable that now we are undefined, now we are undermind. We're weak-minded people and we are now running short on time. There is a magnitude of people on this planet now, and it's incredulous how we're goin down. I shouldn't even have to say it since we're discarding disembodied
heads in our backyards. We live in a disarray and dismantle each other. I write this as a monument to the others who wanna fix it, who care to fix it, this monstrosity we've created. We're driving ourselves into extinction and we don't even know it. We are the dominating species and it's time that we show it.

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