August 2, 2009
By tainted SILVER, Portland, Oregon
tainted SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Closing her eyes to the world passing by,
heedless to the crumpling society around her.
Capturing the essence of time as the shadows from her
nightmares burn delicately in the corners of her eyes, like tear drops, anticipating
the long fall from the top.
She is giving more than we have,
to stop the time before the clock turns to zero.
Your deceitful eyes and acrid words
sting what was once human.
splitting at the seams of her neck,
crimson blood trickling across individual cells,
leaving trails of memory against her clammy throat and chest.
A change in the seasons sends a gift her way.
He yells his feelings like a thunderstorm,
claiming her for his own.
Sweet thoughts splash across the water reflecting on what will always be
beautiful as we fly our kites through the midnight sky.
Hand in hand, our Love still burning bright like
a cherry blossom tree.
Something tells me we’ll be together

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