It's in the way you are

August 2, 2009
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The way I look at you each day
I feel your smile touch my heart
Thoughts of you roam freely in my mind
Your words softly capturing my soul
Its in the way you breathe

Your touch is like no other
I'd gladly fall asleep in your arms
To be with you would be truly special
To have your heart, completely surreal
Its in the way you move

The sparkles in your eyes light up my world
With every smile, a brighter day
A laugh sweet enough to grab my attention
You hold it like you hold my heart
Its in the way you feel

I'll walk a thousand miles in my life
If you walk a hundred with me
I'd have fulfilled one-tenth of my life
It's in the way you live

You've taken my hand, you've captured my heart
Held both deeply for quite some time
I'll gladly walk the path less traveled
If only you'd walk beside me
You fill my heart with happiness
Your life breathes new meaning to me
It's in the way you are

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