August 9, 2009
About old times and old faces.
New experiences and familiar places.
What i would give to go back to that day.
Thinking of what i would actually say.
There's only one thing wrong,
I cannot think at all.
My life circles around "our song"
How did we go about losing it all?
I see you now, it's been a while.
2 monthes exactly, now you're just vile.
I see how badly you hurt,
and i wonder how much it's worth..
to see you down like this,
it's no surprise to see you pissed.
You're never happy, always sad.
I just wish I could have made you glad.
Not all things are bad,
I wish you would see.
Not all things are bad,
just talk to me.
Does it hurt that bad that you would keep it in,
not talk to me, and let you win?
You're running away from problems unsolved,
you're finding yourself with the "right things" dissolved.
People just listen to you,
and never help.
I know how you feel,
but it won't matter now.
You've made me feel like a poor helpless creature,
overlooking everyone's amazing features.
But I guess it's true,
we're really through.
So I won't even bother talking to you.
I'm sorry.

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