August 9, 2009
i prayed to thee
my mind forgot i don't believe in he
why did i pray
i want the thought to stay far away
can he help above
i don't understand
just lend me a hand?
it should be black and white
so then i don't have to fight
i can't make up my mind
maybe it just takes time
i want some peace
my thoughts to cease
i wish everything was known
to believe what was shown
to know he was there
to know he was nowhere
is heaven greedy
or is our thoughts just needy
i don't know what else to say
i just wish i had it my way

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kiwi12 said...
Sept. 1, 2009 at 10:41 pm
Don't we all wish it that way? (sigh)
Good poem and thanks for commenting on my work!
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