Women are Magicians

August 7, 2009
By alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
alex1709 PLATINUM, Palmetto, Florida
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We can dissapear within our flesh
And burry within your soul
We hide the truth
With paints of red and powders of ivory
We have many tricks up our sleeves
And yes, looks can be deceiving

And our best trick of all
Is the trick of lust that you so dimwittingly confuse with love
The bat of our eyes
The plump of our lips
We make you beg for mercy on your knees
As we smite and deny
And walk away gliding on sticks to fool our true elevation

Our touch can be poison
And yet also the cure
That seems to solve all misfortunes
With ringlets escalading as a waterfall of brown, yellow, and black down our long lean shoulders
The spark of fire boiling in our black pupils
The fire of mystery
Than no man has yet to see

And yes we fool you
Your eyes light with wonder
As our three-ringed act sparks ablaze
So keep staring
You'll never get past lust and temptation
For we will always trick your naive eyes
We are the only true magicians

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