christmas (for the flowers)

August 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Every single magic (with the jingle and the bells) day
we gathered
and we saw each other
for the first time since the summer
and we laughed. (I wish we laughed more)
Oh god, we had so much fun,
I remember playing a game on the big screen (I wish we played more)
At the little table;
i ate
you ate
and as they took the annual family picture
you made a face
and laughter insued.
How could something like that end?
And as always the massive tree touched the ceiling
filled underneath with sparkling gifts,
and at least a
thousand (glittering, lovely)
But, somehow they always made room for
the angel on the top-
and didn't they fit flowers on the top?
A few (2) months later
there were flowers on the top (the wooden box)
werent there?
there was that carpet (horrible horrible blue)
that made them look dead (how could I ever forget?)
but the glimmering hardwood floor made the tree look
alive. (like you should be)

The author's comments:
This is based on something true.

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