Freedom to Lies

August 6, 2009
By Alexandra Graziano SILVER, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Alexandra Graziano SILVER, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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Our fathers they came
All the same
Got together
Despite the weather
For worse and for better
To build a home for their children
Paving the way
Not to say
There wouldn’t be trouble down the road
But it sold
Their idea of freedom
And liberty
But now were blinded
By what we think we see
Twisted word
For the free bird
Still doesn’t have the right
To attack another
We’re all brothers
And sisters in this life
But people these days
They don’t want to see
Anything but they’re own truth
Liars they be
And of the worst kind
If you do anything
Be honest with your mind
Or else you’ll find
Caught up in a web of white
Quickly turning grey
But they put up a fight
Thicker it grows
Until everybody knows
But wont recognize
They prefer to disguise
What they know is truth
Afraid to hear others cries
They’d rather die
Than admit to their lie

The author's comments:
people don't realize how far we've strayed from the reasons this country was built. "Freedom and Rights" aren't what they used to be. People talk about their right to say what they want or do what they want, even if it hurts people. Freedom is not the freedom to fulfil filthy greedy desires, freedom is the ability to practice your own beliefs and to live your life without being killed because the higher athority, such as a king, doesn't "like" it, or doesn't "believe in it too"

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