Monster in the Closet

August 5, 2009
By Courtney Alakan BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Courtney Alakan BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I tip toe down the,

With every step I take the,
floor creaks.

The memories of the flesh eating, blood sucking
monster in the hall closet,
follow me.

I pray that I can make it,
to the exit.

My heart beats like an
Indian drum,
as I walk past the hall closet.

I hope I don’t wake,
the monster.

My arms and legs are
scared and bruised,
but my parents aren’t the cause.

My mom and dad
Will protect me.
I think?

I almost make it to,
the door.

The knob is shimmering from my
Hello Kitty night light.

I reach for it when….

A repulsive hand grabs my shoulder,
I turn around…

And I am not in my bed the next morning.

The author's comments:
I wrote about a kid try to get to his parents room but is scared about being caught by the monster in the closet, but that was acutally a metaphor for the Holocaust.

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