The reason why I'm still here

August 5, 2009
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The reason I’m still here is bcuz ma friends keep me going, wen tymes gt rough. They see I try 2 be tha bigger person n act lyke im so tough, wen im really goin through it, wen ma mynd is tellin me enough is enough. We cry wit each other wen something is wrong,bt we get through the tragic tymes n live strong. People may talk about the friends that I hang wit n say wut they want, bt talk is cheap n lyfe is 2 expensive 2 sit there n waste, so we keep it movin, while we dry n erase. The world is so big n there is so many people in it, bt ma friends r standin on top bcuz they r the best, bring me more n neva less. They say that I keep everything alive n real, bt if it wasn’t 4 all of us, the earth wud be still. I luv me friends, like rich people luv money, bt it hurts me 2 see that we’re broken all apart. I wish we kud put the pieces baq 2getha n fix the heart. You only have one lyfe 2 live, one God, one hope, one chance, n only a couple of true friends. So take tyme n read between tha lines 2 4give n 4get, n live lyfe 2 tha end.

To the people that make me shine.

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