My Unfortunate Cliché

July 26, 2009
By Borealis BRONZE, Valencia, California
Borealis BRONZE, Valencia, California
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We can never help but wonder
About the one who got away

Let’s start this story back
To when we fatefully met one day

I wanted you from second one
When our eyes first met at the homecoming dance

I wished with all my might that you liked me
Praying on that chance

I couldn’t tell anyone
That you were my new crush

So I kept it my little secret
With a quiet “hush hush”

The year went by
And things went wrong

You dated one of my good friends
And I played along

Secretly envying her
Every time you held her hand

Wishing you knew how I felt inside
But how could you understand?

And finally the day came
When your relationship came to an end

And then you began to like me
But I said “we are just friends”

I wouldn’t let you in
For fear of getting hurt

So I buried all I felt
Into my best friends shirt

I cried for hours
Over the chance I threw away

Even though I knew there was a spark inside both of us
That was here to stay

And although I still felt that spark,
I had gotten a new beau

One that made me happy
But some of that happiness was just for show

The rest of the year passed on
And school was out for summer

And unfortunately I was now single
Which was a bit of a bummer

We stayed in touch
Through my new unlimited texting plan

One which both you and I
Were most definitely fans

Cuz one silly smile :P
Could be sent back and forth for hours

Resulting in many “haha”s and “lol”s
And “zaha” which was the choice of ours

And then the fateful day came
When you asked me who I liked

I had you answer me your same question first
Waiting for your response to which I was super psyched

You answered another girl’s name
And all my excitement completely shattered

Of course I wanted to hear my name
So we could live happily ever after

But that’s not the case
I guess we aren’t meant to be

I’ll love you forever
But you’ll never see

You will always be the one
My unfortunate cliché

Forever known as
“The one who got away”

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on Apr. 29 2010 at 9:02 pm
whatshername GOLD, Carlsbad, California
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wow! you have talent! keep on writing

on Jan. 14 2010 at 11:34 pm
this was beautiful and heart felt i know exactly how you feel :)

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