Until Tomorrow

July 25, 2009
By Katie Silas BRONZE, Cahokia, Illinois
Katie Silas BRONZE, Cahokia, Illinois
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And so my fear is dispelled upon being named and I am left alone to remember it.

The disquieting shake throughout my being releases me from the constricting grip of sleep’s clenched fists leaving me free to welcome back the hollowing feeling in my core.

Name or no name, it remains faceless, giving it the dreadful ability to reappear nightly.
Impossible to escape, it's silent as a ghost and cunning like a fox.

It hollows me out, giving me hope that I might float away from here.
Anywhere but here.
But gravity suppresses such hopes in an instant.

And in the midst of the frantic attempt to find something to fill the new space that has been dug for me, in me, I fade.
Like that, it is gone.
As am I.

Until tomorrow.

The author's comments:
My name is Katie, and I wrote this poem at 4am, and it deals with the feeling that you get while suffering a panic attack.

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