July 24, 2009
By Anonymous


The 17 year old boy that i have known since i was born is hit from behind

His life flashes like lightning right before his eyes

The drunk driver leaves the scene and leaves him just lying there to die


About two hours later the hospital calls his brother and talks about his baby brother and he has to tell his mother and his father the news

There is something wrong when they go to the hospital why?

His family go to see him and all the doctors can say that he might of died on impact.

He just couldnt stay in tact.


All he did was get on his bike

and that ended his life.


All I can do is cry


Why did he have to die from a guy that pobably would have rather lied in stead of makin things right


I just dont understand

How you could get in a car when you can barley see or stand

how could you do that

Risk your life and someone else's

especially after your third DWI

How could you stand yourself to know you killed somebody because you acted stupid and chose to drive while you were intoxicated?

I know how I would feel

I would feel like s***

not just a little bit

i would have a fit

Drunk in a car

thinking he's a star

Where did he come from the bar?

all i ask is why?

Or how could you be so irresponsible to get in that car

cause at the end all their was was tar on the side of the road where my cousin just lied there to die

please just tell me why?

Then in court the next morning you plead not guilty

are you serious?

Hey can you hear this?

that was a big a** dis

Even if you lawyer told you to say it

it was wrong and you know it

You could have saved his life but instead you might get life in a prison so my family can have a reason not to be so pissed

He wanted to be a marine

he had a big dream

But you ruined it cause you were selfish and mean

you are 36

double his age

He was gonna do something with the world

instead he got something he didnt deserve

so im sitting hear think of something else to say

but guess what my cousin was saved

saved from this world

saved from people like you that dont give a damn

now i have to wait til the day i turn in to see him again

I love you matt!!! See you when i get there!!!

The author's comments:
this is about my 17 year old cousin that was involved in a hit and run while he was riding his bicycle home from his girlfriends house

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