July 24, 2009
By blonde_with_a_brain PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
blonde_with_a_brain PLATINUM, Centerville, Ohio
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I used to be the one,
ev'rybody thought was sane.
Never really needed a heart
Cause at least I had a brain
Until I met you.
And Now I'm

I can't breathe
And I'm reckless
I can't see

It's been about a year or so
Since you came to town
Didn't take a real long time
Turn my world upside down
You made me fall in love!
So now I'm

I can't breathe
Now I'm nervous
No I can't speak

And I've got to know
Do you care for me?
Am I your all?
Can you help me
So I don't fall
Cause this ain't easy
You make me so

I can't see
You make me so speechless
Can't you see

Me watchin' you?
Laughing, Lovin'
I'm sick of being that
"Stinking Kid"
Make me your
"Stinkin' Girlfriend"
And I'm tryin' hard
Oh so hard
Tryin' not
To scream!
'Bout how you make me

I can't be
Without you
No I can't see
Anyone when I'm with you!

I'm deaf
I'm blind
I can't think straight
I can barely sing this song
And it's all your fault!
You make me so

I can't breathe
So reckless
I can't see

But even if you'll never know
Even if you can't tell
This is all you're fault
You made me fall in love with you!
I'm Helpless...

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