July 24, 2009
By Breanna Jernigan BRONZE, Dothan, Alabama
Breanna Jernigan BRONZE, Dothan, Alabama
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Betrayal can come like a dagger to the heart-
Thirty-three times yet still not enough.
You learn to look for it in flatterers,
But it is in the true friends that it will never be seen
Until it is too late.

Opportunity to make right presents itself
Only to be cast aside and devoured by birds of prey.
For there are far more that wish to see the eagle fall
Than to see its mighty wonders as it soars.

It may not be we ourselves that entertain such thoughts,
But the power of others is enough to see wickedness through.
By then it is too late.
“Et tu, Brute?”

Then the Fates make you an offer you cannot refuse.
You caused the death of an honored man and
Punished you shall be too.
You find yourself remembering flashbacks of death and you come to realize that
With betrayal, you have only but betrayed yourself.

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