The Ring Effect

July 13, 2009
By COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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Some don't see what the ring means
Some don't see what it symbolizes
It symbolizes patience, it symbolizes care, it symbolizes love for then and now, it symbolizes future more for them
The ring is a bond, that keeps you remembering how it was in the beginning
but the rings power goes both ways and, the love has to be equal and the same, and if not, it will fall apart just as easily as it came together
but both sides have to have the strength and believe
marriage can't just last with one person
it takes two hearts to make the purpose
it takes two people's love and compassion
to make a marriage last
lots of times the rings love is lost
and the ring becomes just a piece of jewelry
plus the love that was shared becomes as dull as the ring
but the Rings Effect is all on the two
if its joyous
if its somber
it all just depends

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because marriage has different effects on people, and its nice to be able to write about the topic

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