my medication

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

now i no why the do it
i know of the temptation
i finnally understand
its there medication
and though i underdtand
and put it into pratice
i dont recommend
that its done without tactics
you have to know what youre doing
before it can be done
so im going to explain
what can be lost and won
the side effects are obvious
the scars they have to hide
the guilt they fell
because of all the lies
but all of that is nothing
compared to the effect
of calmness and control
although it may see inept
with this medication
though it is free
be a little carefull
as its easy to OD
if pressed a lil harder
and in the right spot
the blood will come pouring out
and youll be dead before it clots
the other problem is
(and this is easyly perdicted)
there is a vey good chance
youre gona get addicted
this being so
like other drugs such as pot or cocaine
you fell invinceable
with adrenaline in your veins
thoughthis may seem horrendous
its working for me
its getting evan harder
as its never been easy
even though it fells good
for a razor to touch my skin
i know the longer i keep it
the closer the darkness is to win

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