she will always be there

July 31, 2009
By btchcmv GOLD, Bronx, New York
btchcmv GOLD, Bronx, New York
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the shattered glass lay scattered
reflecting the scarlet red
everyone stares at her open-mouthed
it seems all sound has fled
they knew she had a problem
they saw all the signs
but instead of trying to help her
they simply said "she'll be fine."
but fine she wasn't they found out
too bad it was too late
for in the corner of her room
death seemed to be her fate
covered in large gashes
glass held in her hand
the look on the face seems peaceful
which no one understands
all her pain is over
but theirs has just begun
because all the years of ignoring her
can never be undone
finally breaking the silence
a random scream is heard
as they turn away from the dead girl
no one else says a word
they see her little sister
tears streaming down her face
she runs towards the dead girl
for one final embrace
she whispers "i still love you
even though you left me here
i'm sure you're someplace better
where you have nothing to fear."
just then they saw a yellow light
brightening the room
it made the young girl happier
it seemed to erase the gloom
soon she saw a figure
emerging from the light
she reached out to touch it
but shrank back with fright
she knew just who the figure was
so she reached out again
and her action was met in return
with her sister's soft hand
it wasas thier fingers intertwined
she knew her sister still cared
and all she had to do was reach for her
and her sister will always be there

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on Aug. 5 2009 at 12:57 pm
MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
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omg.. that's very.. sentimental- ok it makes me sentimental :) I really like this. Usualy when i write death poems i never make them with a happy ending like this. There is one i have that i never posted but i think i will.. this is.. wow. I've read it twice and started to cry both time but still smile at the end. You've talented. -Could u check out a couple of my poems please?

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