Bring It On

July 30, 2009
Bring it on…
Bring on the tears…
They have been waiting to spill,
All these years.
Bring on the hurt…
And all the pain,
Just bring me one last look
Out of the rain…
Because it’s you…
And it’s your smile…
I believed you,
For a little while…
And I can’t see myself without you.
But once again,
Who knew?
I want your arms
Pulling me close.
I need your warmth…
To pull me from this slope.
I feel the tears
As they fall down like rain.
And I see the years
Of hidden pain.
I finally let it all go,
And I finally let some of my feelings show.
I know you think I am so weak.
And why I thought I needed you
I don’t have a reason to even speak.

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