Admit It

July 29, 2009
By Rachel Lamine BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Rachel Lamine BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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The eloquence human beings once had in expression is wasting away—
words and sentences, which once captured the unadulterated beauty of language
now twisted, strangled, cut to pieces,
ravaged by six-thousand years of a curse brought on ourselves
as we were deceived by an untamable lust for knowledge.
Poets scream at the top of their lungs
wailing short obscenities meant to expel their frustration.
Freedom of speech claimed,
yet the humor and genius of words—
of meaning—
are throttled in cold blood;
Forsaken by our neglect—
our indifference—
to the shattered fragments of an art that was once whole.
Our minds, we believed, more “advanced” in the modern age of technology and information,
with our great machines and computers.
Scientists employed—
lifetimes of research spent to uncover the lies
and expose the truth,
writing and rewriting the history of the human race,
because, I’m told, we are a miraculous accident that no one can seem to define.
And all for nothing—
for they refuse to acknowledge the single most important thing that their hearts desire them to accept.
Why then, if we are truly so evolved, do we slip farther and farther into immorality?
This is our so-called elite culture;
This is our great generation—
Where litigation is prime—
Where men are so quick to take offense—
Because it is all about us
and a refusal to admit our own mistakes,
refusal to admit error.
We call ourselves the superior race
and studiously fabricate our perfect lives
without accepting the single absolute truth.
A blinding façade to secrete our broken faces
as we stumble over the turbulent steps of our masquerade.
Tolerance misused,
abused to justify the thundering lies the world is convincing themselves are true,
exploited to ease the pain of corruption,
men fooling themselves into a false sense of security,
compelling the world to assure them that their behavior is indisputably correct,
bullying and accusing opposition,
labeling those objectors with the titles of hate and prejudice in a trembling hope that they will feel liberated from the hooked net of untruth—
by insistence that the lies are not lies,
that all men are good,
that we can do all things by the power of our own free will.
We are a broken people who cannot do anything alone.
Admit it.

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