Crimson Red

July 29, 2009
By ruby defelice BRONZE, Townshend, Vermont
ruby defelice BRONZE, Townshend, Vermont
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Smiles on the outside
But pain is underneath
She doesn’t understand
Why he beats and beats and beats

One night she just can’t take it
She opens her window silently
Try not to make a sound or he’ll beat her violently

On the sill she’s balanced then she lets it go
She falls it seems forever
Into the icy snow

There she lay almost unconscious
Her eyes they do not cry
Because she’d felt this pain before
There was no more pain inside

No more tears no more voice
Yet she cursed at the night sky
She thought it would have killed her
But there she lay alive

She stood up very slowly
And started down the street
She didn’t feel the icy snow
Sticking to bare feet

When day rolled in they found her
Her own bullet through her head
But that soft white icy snow
Was now a crimson red

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