To Brad Pitt

July 28, 2009
By unspoken314 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
unspoken314 GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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On the way to my next class
I pass you in the hall
It's like you don't even see me
Like I don't exist at all

When you finally notice me
I timidly say Hi
You give me a half smile
Why do I even try?

Its the way things are
I know I don't have a chance
But if you DID ask me out
I'd say heck yes! Let's dance!"

You're out of my league
You're too good for me
But I can't help but hope
It might ossibly be

It was just a joke
You were my Brad Pitt
But that's just it

Its not a joke anymore
I'm starting to really like you
It's getting hard to stop
No matter what I do

Its getting hard to look away
When I see you walking by
I cough so maybe you'll look my way
But you don', and inside I sigh

How can it be this hard
To get over this feeling?
You're gonna leave in a week
I've been staring at the ceiling

I miss you a whole lot
How do i get a hold of yo?
You're so hard to reach
And now I'm feeling blue

You've been gone so long
I've almost forgotten it
The silly things I did
To get the attention of- Brad Pitt

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