Finally Free to See the Sun

July 27, 2009
By Sarah Garringer BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
Sarah Garringer BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
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From being lost in darkness
to being filtered with light
I've been to the edge and back
I've walked the stones
that many have chosen to avoid
I've made choices
some say could be deadly
he has inspired me
to hold on to him
while I have been drowning
I thrived to find the sun
when all I could see was his face
in my teary frightened closed eyes
he taught me to see again
taught me how to breath again
hes taught me how to live again
with him I knew what love meant

One day, he will have to say
and though so soon
that day is sorrowly
this dreaded evening
you can not even look at me
your hands are shaking
your face is locked onto the ground
your perfect features
bring a tear
making your face shine dimly
your were so full of light
your were my sun
but now
you say
good day
and off into the star filled night
you walk with solem steps
it's as if the world
is coming to a tragic end
I look up
and though I cry with my face
drenched in tears
a thought crosses my mind
you may have been the one
who loved me
then wrechedly left
tearing out my heart
but you were also the one
who helped me to
finally see the sun

The author's comments:
This is entirely inspired by the guy of my dreams, I love you.

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