The Kings

July 18, 2009
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An endless cycle of bloodshed.
The embers of war smother the innocent and spare the iniquity among men.
Although the aftermath of wars may have devastated several dozen families,
The kings of salvation, the unborn children of the next generation
Shall rise and conquer the demon of sins.
Possibly out of many one of those unborn children, the destined child shall be chosen.
Like a pod, it shall bud and blossom into a gorgeous flower.
With endless determination, and the spirit to never give up,
He or she will create a utopian society, and create a heaven on Earth.

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Annieboo said...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 11:57 pm
WOW! I haven't seen anyone one on this site before that have actually wanted peace. Everyone says that war is never going to end, but I believe that once everyone learns to understand eachother we can finally get some peace. My dream is kinda like yours. My dream is to enable peace for the future generations.
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