July 17, 2009
By RECKIDAN BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
RECKIDAN BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
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Watch my tears just wash away,
All the grief and all the sorrow,
All these pains from yesterday,
Help me see the bright tomorrow.

Watch my tears just flow and tide,
That they both just walked apart,
I wish that yesterday had lied,
And ushered up my flowing heart,

Watch my tears make lines of red,
As they glisten timeless stay,
My happiness is to be dead,
I remember yesterday,

Watch my tears drop to the floor,
Feel my guilty burn inside,
Want to walk through my souls door,
But to mortal love I'm tied,

Watch my tears dry on cheeks,
See the life in my decay,
My cold lips will never speak,
I've forgotten yesterday.

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