July 16, 2009
By ~KristenAngel~ PLATINUM, Banner Elk, North Carolina
~KristenAngel~ PLATINUM, Banner Elk, North Carolina
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Some people would say
That I need a little more faith
In you & I
Cause they hear me talk about
How I’m afraid of you deserting me again
And my thoughts of leaving you
They say I worry too much
That you really do care
All I need is a little more faith
In you & I
Somedays you show your love
And other days you don’t
I can’t see how opposites last
When I hate loss of things
You’re gonna do
Some thoughts you have scare me
How can I have faith
When you do things
That wanna make me scream
Yet I enjoy being with you
I can’t understand this
How can I hate & love you
When sometimes my heart breaks
Just thinking of the things
That you wanna do
I did have faith
The very first time
But now I just don’t know
If I should have faith anymore
There are times that I wanna be with you
And other times I don’t
I wish I could have faith in us
My heart is breaking
Just thinking of you leaving
So how can I have faith
When everything you wanna do
Seems like your trying to die
My heart is still hurting
From the fear of you
Maybe one day
I’ll have a little more faith

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