Roller Coaster

July 15, 2009
I cry. I sob. I brawl. I weep.
I lament. I wail. I snivel. I mourn.
Sitting on the sidewalk, I shed tears for my lost friend. I remember the ups and downs of our roller coaster days. There were ups. There were downs. There were upside-downs and even the all around corkscrews. When we first gone on, I was afraid. Of all the ups, downs, and upsides-downs. I was reluctant to go. What if I fall? What if I drop?
But, needless to say, I got on. We had a blast and lots of fun. Darting here and there. Going up and down.
But now, the ride's over. The fun has ended. It's time to get out and end the fun times. But in the roller coaster of life, we can't go on twice. We only get one chance. Just one and that's it. It's been fun. We had our ups and downs. Sitting on the sidewalk, I brawl and I weep for all the fun times we had on the roller coaster of life.

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