Ultimate Sin

July 15, 2009
By Elizabeth Stuckey BRONZE, Leesburg, Ohio
Elizabeth Stuckey BRONZE, Leesburg, Ohio
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you bled in me and i felt your pain... i tasted your bitter sins and still i let u in...
confusion eats me alive for i can feel the biting of two tongues eating away at my body...
the flesh falls to the ground and all i see is truth.
what once was is a mere shadow of the future. i must run for my sanity. the figures follow me.
the attack is brutal, glowing red and filled with angry lies
i am set afire the blaze turning me into the shell of what once was rocking back and forth
in a room which fills the brain to capacity. i am lost and going under.
continue to beat me for i have lost the will to fight.
as i fall to the ground in a puddle of a being without thought
you save me from my enemies throwing them into a firey grave
they melt not for the evil within gives them power and all i had was a moment of solice.
love saves me from becoming what they made me. the belief in me has made me whole
rising up i can see and i can stand among the two with the forked tongues
raising my fists of hot blue light i fire that gun i call truth.
demons cannot hide from the one who has the power of honesty.
the itch reaches deep from within me, the one i've held on to for so long waiting for
the moment to strike. the force is great and fills me an ability i knew not i had.
standing behind me appears an army, a great army made a shell as i was.
we must fight, the time has come to call out the demons that cause misery and insanity.
i stand alone, in the front, the one who was called out for nothing-no reason at all.
growing above all that are against me i feel pain. it hurts to know that the two i called
into my world struck me with a force i could never recover from, one that attacks the heart
the disease that breaks it, the disease that squeezes the life from it, the disease of trusting
of being, the disease that tears it from the chest and takes away the capability to look at
someone with childlike trust and compassion, the ability to befriend completely without
wondering deep in a a lifeless soul if trust is truly reachable.
once the disease hits the heart it can never recover. the distrust harvests itsself deep into
the crevaces of the soul, tearing through the mind and thought proccess.
living and breathing it become gasps for air.
i can beat you my heart says in beats much too fast. i can fight u demons because i have love,
i have angels in my life who would fight to the death for me. isnt that everything? isnt that
all that matters? isnt that the one thing that can beat these demons of lies and hate?
the chains are released and the flesh regrows, piece by piece and in time i will become whole
again. i will live to fight the battle within heart, mind and body one more day.
you bled in me and i felt your pain, now, i shall bleed on you the hurt pain and suffering
you so love to give to me.
breathing it into you the sour taste you left in my mouth. you will hurt me no more.

The author's comments:
This is about being hurt by people you love and friends you care about but never really cared about you and all they wanted to do was hurt and use you until you had nothing left to give.

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