Sky Diving

July 14, 2009
By Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
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Sky Diving

My parents always told me
Not to do dangerous things
Like riding a motorcycle,
Climbing too high,
Free falling from a cliff
That’s more than 2,000 feet above,
Or even sky diving
From altitudes from much too high.

What they don’t understand
Is this is what I want
I dream about all these things and more
Every single day.

I’m going sky diving.
Falling free from above
Letting the wind smash into me
Like hitting a brick wall.

The air
You can’t even imagine
The feeling it sends
Oh, how it clears the mind!

The feeling of being free
It feels like it lasts forever
And you don’t even mind
You might die
If you hit the ground
Just a little too hard.

My parents, they may be mad.
Actually, I’m sure they will be.
But “I’ll have fun”, I’ll say.
And they won’t say, “Do as you may”.

They’ll badger
And we’ll bicker
They won’t even see my way
But I don’t care what they say
I’ll just turn and walk away.

I know they do it out of love
But sky diving and dangerous things
Are my passion
So, I’ll go my own way.

I’m going sky diving today
And I’ve turned and walked away
To go my own way
I’ll be having fun and clearing the mind
That’s all I’ll do
And worry about today.

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