I Want To Be Free

July 16, 2009
By Precious Brenton BRONZE, Holland, Ohio
Precious Brenton BRONZE, Holland, Ohio
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I want to be free

Feel the June sun

Beating on my back

Dance in April’s rain

Be engulfed in the spring

Not caring about a thing.

See the flowers

In full bloom

Not giving a thought

To all of my gloom

I want to be free

Ride upon stallions

Faster than time on seas of life

And cut through death

Like a knife

Live with no boundaries

No yeses or nos

But where will I go to be free?

I want to be free

Stop living to please others

And do as I please

See the wind in the willows

Stare at palm trees

Feel the ocean of peace and serenity

Carry me away

Feel fine grains of sand

Under my feet

Look at land and sea

As they come together

And meet

I want to be free

See the seven wonders

Oh the places I'll go!

Oh the things that I'll see!

I'll see Africa

The Sahel

All the jungle animals

I'll meet people like me

But not exactly like me

I'll discover

Yet another

Of Da Vinci’s many secrets

Now tell me

Can I go?

Please let me go!


I want to be free!

And find the true meaning of life

The true meaning of strife

The secret of love

If I am loved

Break away

From this place

The cages of society

Holding me in time

I'm running in place

I'm a bird without wings

I never sing

I need my wings

I need your grip to be loosed

Your jaws to be wrenched

Away from my body

My life

All I want is to be free

I want to be free

Feel the soft wind’s hands

Stroking my hair

Run with the clouds

Across the air

Watch the stars

See the summer sun

It looks as if

I've finally won


In my mind

I'm as free as I'll ever be

The author's comments:
This poem is about a person wanting to break free from something ... whether it be restricting parents, or a restricting society.

When I began this poem I had hoped to capture a specific feeling of one person but as I wrote I realized that wanting to be free can belong to a variety of people different ages and sexes alike and whether or not you are an autistic boy wanting to be free of a society's heavy stares and social estrangement, or a freshman girl in high school trying to get the top grade in your class and just wanting to be free by getting a moment of peace and silence from the constant monotony of studying, or a junior in high school trying to break free of drug usage wishing it was as easy as it was when he started, or a 35 year old man working as a car salesman hating his job and wanting to be free of it...wanting to move up a rung in the work place we are all at one point or another in life wanting to be free of something haven't you ever wanted to be free of something? do you want to be free of something right now?

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