i forbid.....

July 17, 2009
By suzi hernandez BRONZE, Bolivar, Tennessee
suzi hernandez BRONZE, Bolivar, Tennessee
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Last night you announced that you no longer care, that you give up
has life got to you?
i'll stay and listen if you only let me
the more you push me away the more i'll try
because no matter how cruel life is
i won't let you give up without a fight
yes, you can be as complicated as a puzzle but .... i will solve it
i was tentative but i knew how much you mattered to me
those nights talking for hours were not meant to be forgotten
but to be repeated until at last we would be
you say your done but i'm just getting started
i won't allow you to give up on something you havent given a chance to
if you push i'll push harder
all you hope is that i will eventually give up on you
but your wrong
i'll try even harder...

The author's comments:
its to someone that i really care bout

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