Real Love

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

It's not enough to say I love you,
I'm sorry for every time I'd doubt you,
You don't feel the same way about me
What else can I possibly do to make you see,
You crushed my hope and shattered my dream
The thought of you makes me want to scream,
Why do we have to be the way we are,
All left of you is one big scar,
How could I be so blind to see,
What was right there in front of me,
I blew it all away,
Just too get high for one more day,
We've came this far and made it through this,
Now I'm stuck here ever so clue less,
For now ill pretend everthings ok
And just live to make it another day,

You make me laugh and make me smile,
Im sorry though im stuck in denial,
I put drugs before you ,
I just want you to know I really adore you,
The way that we are is the way that we say,
The future we leave for another day,
Your beautiful to me in every single way,
It was me the one to betray,
I was the one whod cover my track,
But it only sent me farther back,
I really do miss you more than you know,
I just wish I could show,
The real me and who I became,
The old me is dead and gone away,
The future is defiantly a mystery,
I just hope that im not history,

The author's comments:
I really enjoyed writing this article. I was dealing with some personal issues a while ago. It actually caused a girl who meant the world to be slowly slip away and i never realized it. For everyone who reads this article don't let something good in your life go easy.

Love you all,

Justin Meyer

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wow. you are pretty good at this. though you shouldnt have done drugs u learned from ur mistakes. nice job from changing urself. :D maybe u can find someone else to love that will see how hard u worked to change that.

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